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Workforce Information Technology Support Center

Who we serve

The Workforce Information Technology Support Center, or Workforce ITSC, supports all state WIOA program partners as they work collaboratively to implement effective and creative technology solutions.

Why we do it

Today, the network of WIOA services is complex, fragmented, and difficult to navigate for the average citizen. Access and outcomes vary while the demand for these services is at an all-time high. Workforce ITSC helps states enhance their capacity to realize the vision of WIOA, implement cost-effective solutions, improve access to services, and achieve better outcomes for customers and communities across the country.

What we do

Workforce ITSC convenes experts, fosters collaboration, and compiles key resources. These include easy-to-use online tools and learning opportunities supporting the administrative and operational components of the workforce system. Workforce ITSC encourages data and technology strategies that are modern, innovative, program-driven, and user-centric.

Who we are

Workforce ITSC launched in 2016 as a federally-funded initiative administered by NASWA. A steering committee comprised of federal and state partners representing workforce, adult basic education, vocational rehabilitation, and welfare programs is responsible for its governance and oversight.